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Mike Pence's Twitter feed is an alternate universe on the day Comey’s testimony drops

With a birthday party, astronauts, and balloons.

On Wednesday afternoon, as the Senate Intelligence Committee lit up the internet by posting written testimony from former FBI Director James Comey, Vice President Mike Pence took repeatedly to Twitter.

He shared a bunch of pictures about spending his birthday with astronauts.

Comey’s statement details the fired director’s meetings with President Trump, one of which Comey characterizes as “inappropriate and should never happen.”

Pence’s string of tweets included several photos of himself, on the day he turned 58, posing with a new class of astronauts.

Earlier Wednesday, Pence shared images of his birthday celebration aboard Air Force II. There were balloons.

He also took the time to catch up with Sen. Ted Cruz.

He got to deliver a special message to NASA.

And he live-tweeted his address to the newest class of astronauts.

Though he reportedly had plenty of balloons and guests decked out in (optional) party hats, there were no candles for the Vice President as per Federal Aviation Administration rules.

All in all, it appeared that Pence’s birthday was the stuff of childhood dreams. Or, maybe, a dispatch from another planet.

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