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Pinterest is now advertising on billboards around New York City

Pinterest wants to grow its user base.


Pinterest is trying to add some new users the old-fashioned way — with giant Pinterest banners and billboards around New York City.

On Tuesday, the visual search company launched its first U.S. ad campaign, called “What If.” The point is to encourage people to try new things — new things they might learn about on Pinterest.

“There’s one major barrier to trying new things, especially for women: That voice in your head that makes you doubt yourself,” Pinterest explained in a blog post announcing the campaign. “The stakes can feel high any time you try something new, whether you’re wearing bold lipstick, ditching the conventional wedding or breaking free from gender norms. We want to show the transformative power of reimagining risks as possibilities.”

Pinterest has 175 million monthly users, the majority of whom are women, and it’s clear from the campaign explanation that they’re targeting that demographic. The company has grown steadily, though not exceedingly fast, over the past few years. This feels like Pinterest’s first major push to boost that user total.

One logical reason for the push is that Pinterest has lofty revenue goals for 2017 — it is targeting annual revenue of more than $500 million, at least 66 percent more than it made in 2016. As a company that makes its revenue from advertising, more users means more ad impressions.

You’ll be able to see the campaign on billboards in New York, on the internet and later this year on and in the New York Times.

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