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Where to Resell Your Wedding Dress

Nine reputable websites that’ll take your gown off of your hands — for cash.

a rack of designer wedding dresses Photo: Shawn Brackbill for Racked

Your wedding is likely the most expensive event you’ll throw in your lifetime. So once the vows have been said and the dance floor is cleared, wouldn’t it be nice to recoup some of that cash? Of course it would.

You’ll have memories (and hopefully great photos) that will last forever, so if you’re willing to part with it, why not resell your once-worn dress? A plethora of wedding-centric online outlets exist to take your gown off your hands (and place it in the hands of another bride) for a decent percentage of what you actually paid. Here are nine sites beyond eBay that will let someone else say yes to your dress.

Tradesy: A visually appealing resale site for the fashion crowd, Tradesy lets you choose your own price and boasts an easy, fast listing process. With options to resell in other fashion categories, too, Tradesy deducts a 14.9% commission from every sale and maintains a final sale (read: no returns) policy on wedding gowns.

Nearly Newlywed: Nearly Newlywed handles the entire selling process, including fielding inquiries from customers, for a $25 listing fee. Once your listing is approved and your dress sells, you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label to send the gown for inspection and condition verification. Once the sale is confirmed, you receive payment via PayPal for 65% of the sale price. If your gown hasn’t been cleaned, Nearly Newlywed also offers a cleaning service for a flat $249 fee.

Poshmark: While not exclusively for weddings, the app is free to use and easy to list, with an Instagram-esque format. Poshmark takes a 20% commission, buyers pay for shipping, and once an item is sold, a printable shipping label is sent to your inbox. The app lets you communicate with potential buyers in the comments, with a private offer tool for negotiating price.

Preowned Wedding Dresses: The OG of wedding dress resale, this commission-free site charges $25 for wedding dress listings and $5 for bridal party listings. With one of the largest pre-owned selections (bridal salons often sell their samples via this site), PWD boasts 2,000 views on average for listings and a median sell time of 70 days. There’s even a Wedding Dress Value Calculator to help you decipher how much to charge.

Once Wed: Launched initially as an online listing service for secondhand wedding dresses, this site later developed into a wedding inspiration blog as well. For a $19.95 listing fee, you can sell your dress and accessories (there’s also a bridesmaids tab) with no commission charged.

Still White: For $20, you can list your gown on Still White until it’s sold with no commission charged. For $30, you’ll get all that plus a feature spot on the homepage, a 50 percent larger listing, and the option to post twice as many photos (eight instead of four). Choose your own price and communicate/negotiate directly with interested buyers.

Wedding Bee: An online message board community for everything wedding-related, Wedding Bee has a classified section for reselling anything from centerpieces to gowns. Listing is free, with an option to pay a fee to list your ad as a featured ad.

Smart Bride Boutique: This site doesn’t charge commission, and you can post a listing with up to four photos for free. If you want your listing to appear on the homepage of the site and optimize its appearance in search results, then you’ll need to pay for the premium package, which costs $4.95 per month.

Sell My Wedding Dress: While not as slick or sophisticated-looking as some of the other sites, for $19.97 you can list your wedding dress, as well as bridal party attire and accessories at lower fees. Once posted, offers can go directly to your inbox, or the site can handle initial communications at your request.