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Watch: Apple’s new video depicts a world without apps — and it’s total chaos

“Keep making apps. The world is depending on you.”

WWDC, Apple

Utter chaos.

That’s what awaits the world if people stop building apps.

At least that’s according to Apple, which kicked off its annual developers conference Monday morning with a clever video depicting a future in which all of the world’s mobile apps go down, thanks to a blundering IT employee who accidentally unplugs the master server.

No Uber and Lyft will mean 10-car pileups on the freeway, and no Snapchat means that “face swap” may soon take on a much less hilarious meaning. It’s a truly frightening future.

The audience at WWDC seemed thrilled with the video — Apple CEO Tim Cook said there were more than 5,300 people in attendance, many of them developers. Know your audience.

Of course, there’s another reason Apple wants people to keep making apps: It’s what makes its expensive iPhones and iPads worth purchasing. And not everyone is downloading apps like they used to.

“Keep making apps,” the video concludes. “The world is depending on you.”

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