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Alphabet shares hit $1,000 this morning

Alphabet subsidiary Google hit the same milestone in 2013, and Amazon hit it for the first time last month.

Google Goes Public Chris Hondros / Getty

What’s hot? Alphabet stock.

Alphabet shares crossed the $1,000 line for the first time this morning, when at 9:40 am ET they hit $1,001.25. They climbed to $1,007.15 over the next 15 minutes, before descending to $1,002.54 as of 11:45 am ET.

Amazon crossed the same threshold last month, and Alphabet subsidiary Google passed it in 2013, before it was reorganized as holding company Alphabet.

Few stocks ever cross the $1,000 milestone, and any kind of high peak that catches the notice of investors can also read as a red flag.

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