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Shari Redstone: The full Code interview video

Shari Redstone is the woman who effectively controls both Viacom and CBS.

Shari Redstone, Viacom, Advancit Capital, Code 2017 Asa Mathat

Shari Redstone, the woman who effectively controls both Viacom and CBS, wanted the two companies to merge last fall. That never happened.

The major reason: CBS chief Les Moonves didn’t want to run both companies like Redstone wanted him to.

But no hard feelings, Redstone said last week at Recode’s annual Code Conference in Southern California.

“I have a great relationship with Les,” she said. “I think that we would have worked really well together on a combined company.”

Redstone spoke about the merger that never happened, her love for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, and why she thinks the NFL’s TV ratings were down last year. (“I think [the games] were on too many networks,” she said.)

You can watch Redstone’s entire Code Conference interview here.

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