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This new movie about an Instagram stalker looks both hilarious and terrifying

Remember: People can see your public social media posts.

Facebook / Ingrid Goes West

If you’ve never been to VidCon, the internet video conference in LA that took place last week, it’s tough to appreciate just how bonkers some fans go for their favorite internet celebrities.

But internet fame is as real as it gets, which means it comes with all the same perks that regular celebrities get — adoring fans, endorsement deals — and the occasional stalker.

The upcoming movie “Ingrid Goes West” looks as though it’ll highlight the stalker side of social media fame. The comedy, which comes out in August, is about a young woman who moves to California to befriend another woman she became obsessed with on Instagram. It looks both hilarious and creepy. (It’s also a fun reminder that when you post things publicly, like where you live or where you hang out or details about your pets, people can see that.)

The trailer for the film, which won a screenwriting award at Sundance earlier this year, just came out yesterday. You can watch it below. #blessed

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