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Twitter is running another TV commercial

This one features Chance the Rapper and gives people an example of why they should use Twitter.

GQ and Chance The Rapper Celebrate the Grammys in Partnership with YouTube Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for GQ

Twitter is ready to try another TV commercial.

The company unveiled a new TV spot today featuring Chance the Rapper, and says the 60-second commercial will run tonight on ABC against “The Bachelorette.”

The commercial includes the tagline #SeeEverySide, and shows the musician asking his Twitter followers for suggestions of songs to play for a concert. Twitter explained the campaign in a blog post. “Twitter lets me see what’s happening from every point of view, all perspectives, every side,” the blog reads.

Twitter last tried a TV commercial almost two years ago, but the video was a little tough to follow. This new spot, unveiled during the Cannes Lions advertising festival, does a better job of providing an example of why you might actually use the service — like to interact with your favorite musician. (If you use Twitter, Chance the Rapper might take your song suggestion!)

Twitter, of course, has been trying for years to jump-start its user growth and explain to people what Twitter is for and why they should use it. A Twitter spokesperson says the commercial will air during a number of upcoming TV programs on networks like BET and TNT, and the campaign will also appear across digital properties.

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