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Snap’s latest ad: A giant, yellow Ferris wheel

Snap wants to show advertisers in Cannes that it’s unique.

@Spectacles / Twitter

Snap has a new piece of hardware: A giant, yellow Ferris wheel.

The company has officially landed in Cannes, France, where executives from the worlds of advertising and media are currently descending for a week of boozing and deal making.

Lots of companies spend lavishly at Cannes, a chance to show off their brand prowess to major ad buyers. Some, like Pandora and CBS, rent yachts for the week. Others, like Facebook and Twitter, rent big beachside cabanas. Almost everyone hosts fancy dinner parties, and celebrities and musicians are often paid to appear.

Last year, Snap rented some property that butted up against the marina where all the yachts are docked and created a super-exclusive meeting space.

But this year, Snap is taking it to another level. The company tweeted out a pic of this yellow, Snap-branded Ferris wheel Saturday morning, and there are lots of other pics of the wheel on Instagram.

It's also putting a Snap Spectacles vending machine right next door (one of the company’s other clever marketing ploys).

Is a Ferris wheel going to lure advertisers? Probably not. But it’s different, and that’s the message Snap and CEO Evan Spiegel like to send.

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