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Yes, Uber board member David Bonderman said women talk too much at an all-hands meeting about sexism at Uber

The apparent joke was directed at director Arianna Huffington. It was not funny.

The New York Times 2013 DealBook Conference in New York
David Bonderman should stop talking is what.
Larry Busacca/Getty Images for The New York Times

Can Uber be saved?

Not if the performance of board member David Bonderman today is any indication.

At an all-hands meeting for employees about a devastating report that, in part, said that the car-hailing company suffers from rampant sexism, the high-profile TPG Capital head did the worst possible thing responding to a remark by fellow board member Arianna Huffington. She was talking about data that shows if one woman is on a board that it was “much more likely that there will be a second woman on the board.”

The profoundly tone-deaf Bonderman then decided this was a perfect time to make a deeply sexist remark, by interrupting her (of course), using an old trope that women are blabby. “Actually, what it shows is that it’s much more likely to be more talking,” he said.

Yes. He. Said. That.

Yes. At. A. Meeting. About. Sexism. At. Uber. Thereby — thanks a lot, very clueless dude — proving the point.

Bonderman later issued an apology, but I am not even going to include it because he does not deserve it in any way.

What he needs to do is sit down and shut up while the actual adults clean up the mess — and I mean that in a genderless way.

It will be more interesting to see if he has to resign from the board for doing this at exactly the wrong moment. Or maybe the right one, really, so we can all see the problem at Uber clearly.

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