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You can now buy Snapchat video ads straight from the company’s website

Snap is making it easier for advertisers to hand over their money.

Snapchat Parent Snap Begins Trading On New York Stock Exchange Drew Angerer / Getty

Snap is making it easier for advertisers to hand over their money.

The company on Monday rolled out its new self-serve advertising option to everyone. That means advertisers can simply go to Snap’s website and pay for a video ad. Advertisers previously had to work with Snap’s sales team or pay a Snapchat advertising partner to use the company’s ads API to buy video ads. (Snap already sold other ads, like geofilters, via its website.)

The new buying option, called Ad Manager, was first tested last month, but only with a small number of advertisers. The company is launching it more broadly just in time for Cannes, the ad industry’s biggest boondoggle of the year, set for next week in the South of France.

Despite being a public company, Snap’s business is still young. It brought in right around $150 million in revenue in Q1, but many close to the company have believed for a long time that Snapchat could make $1 billion in 2017. That money has to come from somewhere, and automating its ad sales with an API and now opening up ad buying via its own website should make it easier for marketers to spend their money.

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