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Recode Daily: Another flat tire for Uber

Plus, the Times, it is a-changin’, and don’t drop that $100,000 bong, man!

This is the $100,000 bong.

The Department of Justice is investigating Uber’s use of a software tool known internally as “Greyball” that helped its drivers evade local transportation regulators. [Tony Romm / Recode]

In a 217-213 vote, House Republicans passed a health care bill that’s supposed to repeal and replace President Obama's Affordable Care Act. The bill will now head to the Senate; here’s how it could change the U.S. health care system. [The New York Times]

More than a million Gmail users were affected by Wednesdays email phishing attack, a spam campaign impersonating Google Docs. Google said it stopped the exploit within an hour. [Tess Townsend / Recode]

Facebook is shutting down its Oculus Story Studio, which created virtual-reality short films. All ongoing projects are cancelled; the studio’s 50 staffers are encouraged to apply for new jobs within Oculus. [Janko Roettgers / Variety]

The New York Times used to make most of its money from advertisers. Now it makes most of its money from its readers. Here’s what that looks like in chart form. [Peter Kafka and Rani Molla / Recode]

The president of Amazon’s fashion division is leaving the company after eight years. Cathy Beaudoin, who worked to improve the fashion industry’s opinion of Amazon, is leaving just as the e-commerce giant launches its own stable of fashion brands. [Jason Del Rey / Recode]

Top stories from Recode

There’s a small drone startup helping Facebook build its new internet-beaming helicopter drone.

Meet Everfly.

Facebook has made more than $20 billion in profit since going public — Twitter has lost $2 billion.

These charts tell a tale of two mobile ad businesses.

Let’s read between the lines on what the FCC boss told us about his net neutrality plans.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai offered a few clues about his path forward during a chat with Recode this week.

The latest episode of Too Embarrassed to Ask is here.

Recode’s Jason Del Rey talks with Kara Swisher and Lauren Goode about Apple’s plans to launch a money-transfer app that would compete with Square Cash and PayPal’s Venmo.

This is cool

Don't drop that $100,000 bong, man!

Now that there are cannabis-focused hedge funds and VCs, the weed-apparatus market is going high-end. Here’s a look inside the Mothership — a 15,000-square-foot artisanal glass pipe factory in Bellingham, Wash., that produces things like the Fab Egg, which recently sold at auction for more than $100K. [Lester Black / The Stranger]

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