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Facebook has made more than $20 billion in profit since going public — Twitter has lost $2 billion

A tale of two mobile ad businesses.

As Facebook’s mobile advertising business continues to grow, the company is now averaging more than $1 billion in profit every month. It’s a different story at rival Twitter, which is still in the red.

Yesterday, Facebook reported $3 billion in first-quarter profit on $8 billion in revenue. Going back to the quarter it went public — the second quarter of 2012, when it was still losing money — Facebook has now generated, by our calculation, more than $21 billion in cumulative profit.

Last week, Twitter reported a loss of $62 million on $548 million in revenue. While its quarterly loss is improving — down 23 percent year over year — it has still lost more than $2 billion cumulatively since going public in late 2013.

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