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Hillary Clinton says Democrats need to create more content to help win back the House

“We have a great story to tell.”

Hillary Clinton, Code 2017 Asa Mathat

There are lots of reasons Hillary Clinton didn’t win last year’s presidential election.

One of the big ones, in her opinion (and the opinions of many others), is tied to media, specifically the media’s obsession with Clinton’s private email server, and disinformation spread on Facebook by “malicious actors” in Russia.

The Democrats did a poor job controlling the narrative and telling their own story, Clinton said, which will be important as the party tries to take back control of Congress.

“We [the Democratic party] are not good historically at building institutions and we’ve got to get a lot better, and that includes content,” Clinton said Wednesday from Recode’s annual Code Conference. “We have a great story to tell. I found when I started the campaign that I had to say in practically every one of my speeches, ‘Barack Obama saved the economy and he doesn’t get the credit he deserves.’ I had to say that because people had been told differently.”

You can watch Clinton’s entire conversation with Recode’s Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg here.

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