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Elon Musk is threatening to stop advising Trump if he withdraws from the Paris climate agreement

Musk tweeted his frustration that Trump could leave the climate pact.

President Trump Holds Policy Forum With Business Leaders Chip Somodevilla / Getty

Elon Musk has threatened to cease advising President Donald Trump on business issues amid reports that the United States is expected to withdraw from a major international climate pact.

The SpaceX and Tesla founder has been a longtime public advocate for the Paris agreement, an accord signed by former President Barack Obama — and almost every other major country — that seeks to reduce worldwide carbon emissions. Musk has even used his seat on one of Trump’s economic advisory councils to push Trump to stay on board with the accord.

But Trump has pledged since the 2016 presidential election that he would leave the Paris agreement, and in recent days, sources have said a decision to withdraw is imminent. To that end, Musk tweeted Wednesday his frustration with the recent reports — and suggested he would stop aiding Trump if he ultimately does leave the climate pact.

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