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Recode Daily goes on the road for Code Conference

Plus, The Pentagon worries that social media sites are making it easy for hackers, and how former Ford CEO Mark Fields bungled a self-driving partnership with Google.

Former Ford CEO talked about “the end of the car” with Kara Swisher and Peter Kafka at the 2016 Code Conference.
Asa Mathat

Your Recode Daily newsletter may look somewhat different this week, and it will also hit your mailbox just a bit later in the morning.

The whole Recode staff has hit the road — we’ve moved our operations oceanside, to Rancho Palos Verdes in Southern California, for our annual Code Conference, the centerpiece of our year. We’re making space in this week's newsletters for what happens and who says what at Code, a three-day event filled with news and names, including New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet, philanthropist and investor Laurene Powell Jobs and Hillary Rodham Clinton — check out the impressive full list here.

Check the Recode site for frequent updates, and if you’d like to watch the onstage interviews with some of the biggest names in tech and media, here's how.

Pentagon officials are increasingly worried that state-backed hackers are using social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to break into Defense Department computer networks. And the nation’s top tech companies. including Google, Amazon and Microsoft, have asked Congress to reform and reauthorize a surveillance program that allows the NSA to collect emails and other digital communications of foreigners outside the U.S. [The New York Times]

Google is launching a new investment arm aimed at artificial intelligence; the new program will focus on early-stage startups. What differentiates it from most investment groups is that it’s led by engineers, not venture capitalists. Here are some companies they may be interested in. [Tess Townsend / Recode]

Here’s how former Ford CEO Mark Fields bungled a potential partnership with Google to develop autonomous vehicles. Fields's failure to pull off the deal left Ford struggling for a self-driving strategy that resonated with stakeholders, and led to the emergence of Jim Hackett as his replacement as CEO. [Sharon Silke Carty / Automotive News]

Top stories from Recode

Bonnie Kalanick, the mother of Uber’s CEO, has died in a boating accident.

Travis Kalanick’s father Donald was seriously injured.

94 percent of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launches have been successful.

But its few failures have burned off hundreds of millions of dollars.

Robots copy their coolest moves from animals.

Cheetahs, ostriches, octopi, cockroaches and humans.

Why cute robots are important for the entire tech industry.

On the latest Recode Decode, Anki CEO Boris Sofman talks about making a robot that can compete with pets.

Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted from his Android phone in two months.

Hello, Trump iPhone.

This is cool

Citizen Clinton

The surreal post-election life of the woman who would have been president. [Rebecca Traister / New York]

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