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Watch Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO and current LA Clippers owner, at Code

Ballmer was interviewed live at Code Conference by Kara Swisher and Kurt Wagner.

Steve Ballmer Code 2017 Asa Mathat

Steve Ballmer became Microsoft’s CEO in 2000 after having served for 20 years in various other roles such as president, SVP of sales and support, SVP of systems software and VP of marketing. During his tenure, the company pioneered personal computing and democratized enterprise computing, growing from a small startup to become the third-most-profitable company in the U.S. He retired in 2014 and remains a significant investor.

He’s now the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers NBA basketball team and is the co-founder of the philanthropic Ballmer Group, which focuses on organizations dedicated to bettering outcomes for children in need and helping reduce the cycle of intergenerational poverty in the U.S. Ballmer also is the founder of USAFacts, a project seeking to improve transparency in government.

Here’s his interview, conducted at Code Conference on Tuesday, May 30.

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