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Recode Daily: Tim Cook says rumors of future iPhones may have influenced Apple sales

Plus, what to look for when Facebook reports today, and Etsy switches CEOs and cuts staff.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and dancer Maddie Ziegler look at the most recent iterations of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.
Stephen Lam / Getty

Apple sold 50.8 million iPhones last quarter, a modest miss. Blame the press! CEO Tim Cook said “rumors and reports about future products” may have influenced sales; if people didn't read stories about the yet-to-exist iPhone 8, maybe they’d buy more iPhone 7s. Here are Apple’s Q2 earnings in five charts. [Dan Frommer / Recode]

When Facebook reports earnings on Wednesday, analysts expect revenue to come in at $7.83 billion — up 45 percent over last year. That would be great growth for most companies — but Facebook’s business grew almost 51 percent last quarter; almost 56 percent before that. [Kurt Wagner / Recode]

Female engineers at Facebook claim that code written by women was rejected up to 35 percent more frequently than code written by male colleagues. Questioned about the analysis by a longtime Facebook engineer at a weekly Q&A with employees, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said gender bias was “an issue.” [Deepa Seetharaman / The Wall Street Journal]

Etsy replaced its longtime CEO, Chad Dickerson, and is laying off 8 percent of its staff after reporting a first-quarter loss and a “challenging February.” Industry veteran Josh Silverman is the new chief executive. [Jason Del Rey / Recode]

Microsoft unveiled its $999 Surface Laptop, which runs on a lighter version of Windows called Windows 10 S. It’s a good-looking computer for the price, and could potentially give Google’s inexpensive Chromebooks a run for their money. [Dan Frommer / Recode]

Hillary Clinton said she takes “absolute personal responsibility” for her 2016 election loss, while also blaming her defeat on WikiLeaks, Vladimir Putin and FBI Director Jim Comey. Interviewed onstage at the Women for Women International Conference in New York, Clinton said she is writing a book, and that AI will be “upending the economy.” [Axios]

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