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Recode Daily: Trump gossiped about highly classified intelligence to Russian visitors in the White House

Plus, cyber security stocks jump in the wake of that global hack attack, and the “Alien” sequel that never was.

Russian Foreign Ministry

Donald Trump bragged about highly classified intelligence concerning an Islamic State plot during last week’s Oval Office meeting with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador. The Washington Post, which broke the story, notes that the Trump administration’s denial of the story isn’t really a denial. [The New York Times]

As the Trump administration decides whether to ban laptops on some transatlantic flights, U.S. and European government officials will meet on Wednesday. European regulators have raised safety issues with storing such devices in planes’ cargo holds. [Tony Romm / Recode]

Uber sources think executive Ryan Graves and CTO Thuan Pham will be fired as a result of the company’s in-house investigation into workplace culture. Meanwhile, Uber can keep building and using its self-driving-car technology as long as former Alphabet/Waymo employee Anthony Levandowski is barred from any work related to the autonomous-car technology called lidar. [Johana Bhuiyan / Recode]

Valuation of cyber security stocks rose by billions in the wake of last week’s global ransomware attack, which infected 300,000 computers in more than 150 companies. U.S. companies FireEye, Cisco and Symantec were among those seeing a lift. [Lucinda Shen / Fortune]

Shares of Snap jumped more than 8 percent after filings showed that several institutional investors had bought shares. Snap went public two months ago, and its stock had plunged 23 percent after its first earnings report. [Reuters]

Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger said hackers threatened to release a new Disney movie unless the studio paid a ransom in bitcoin. Disney is refusing to pay and is working with federal investigators. Netflix recently experienced a similar exploit, with pirates threatening to release the new season of “Orange Is the New Black.” [Pamela McClintock / The Hollywood Reporter]

Bill Gates tweeted up a storm on Monday: He had advice about career paths, success and happiness for the graduating class of 2017. [Megan Farnsworth / Recode]

Top stories from Recode

Amazon is now worth two Walmarts.

On the 20th anniversary of its IPO, Amazon’s market cap stands at $459 billion. Walmart’s? $228 billion.

Snap’s new AR ads are for overlaying objects onto stuff that isn’t your face.

Snap had a tough earnings call last week. This could help.

Google will now go easier on publishers that violate its ad policies.

The company plans to discipline more lower-level violations, but consequences will start lower, too.

Your data is probably safer with Facebook than with your hospital.

So says Stripe CEO Patrick Collison on the latest episode of Recode Decode.

This is cool


Here’s the secret history of science-fiction author William Gibson’s never-filmed sequel to the “Alien” movie series — the film, which would have been called “Alien III” (David Fincher ended up directing “Alien 3”) was handicapped when Sigourney Weaver said she didn’t want to return as hero Ripley. [Abraham Riesman / Vulture]

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