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Mark Zuckerberg’s birthday photo shows the 20 Facebookers you should know not named Mark Zuckerberg

Who gets to celebrate with the boss?

Facebook / Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg celebrated his 33rd birthday on Sunday, and on Monday his executive team surprised him with a special birthday cake shaped like pieces of meat.

That is kinda fun, and bizarre, but even more interesting is the fact that Zuckerberg shared to his Facebook page this photo that includes nearly all of Facebook’s highest-ranking executives in the same place at the same time.

It’s pretty rare to see so many top dogs from the company in one spot, so this feels like a good opportunity to look at which Facebookers are in Zuckerberg’s general orbit.

Who are these lucky executives celebrating with the boss, and why should you care about them? We have answers.

Mark Zuckerberg’s birthday buddies
  1. Mark Zuckerberg, birthday boy.
  2. Andrea Besmehn, Zuckerberg’s admin and frequent travel companion. It sounds like she was also the mastermind behind this meat cake.
  3. Will Cathcart, VP of product management and one of Facebook’s top product executives reporting directly to product boss Chris Cox. Cathcart has been at Facebook for seven years and is responsible for Facebook’s trending product, among other things.
  4. Kang-Xing Jin, known internally as “KX,” and another of Facebook’s top product execs; he’s been working on some of Facebook’s new camera features. KX joined Facebook over a decade ago as a software engineer and was a friend of Zuckerberg’s at Harvard before joining the company.
  5. Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram and avid road cyclist.
  6. Deb Liu, Facebook’s VP of platform and marketplace. Liu is credited with helping launch Facebook’s app install ads business, and also leads Facebook’s developer platform and efforts around commerce and payments.
  7. Chris Cox, head of all Facebook products and a near 12-year company veteran. If Sheryl Sandberg is Zuckerberg’s right hand, Cox is probably his left.
  8. Hiding back there is CFO Dave Wehner, the man responsible for explaining Facebook’s business operations to all those investors anxiously listening in on earnings calls.
  9. Caryn Marooney, head of all communications at Facebook and gatekeeper to Mark Zuckerberg’s press availability
  10. Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s CTO and the man overseeing many of Facebook’s more ambitious tech efforts, like its artificial intelligence research and its connectivity projects.
  11. David Marcus, head of Facebook Messenger and the former president of PayPal.
  12. Naomi Gleit, one of Facebook’s longest-tenured employees and an early product manager on the growth team. She now runs Facebook’s social good products, which includes things like donation buttons on Pages.
  13. Jonny Thaw, one of Facebook’s top comms executives running PR for News Feed and product. He’s been at Facebook for seven years.
  14. Javier Olivan has been running Facebook’s growth team for the past decade. He’s been mildly successful ...
  15. Adam Mosseri, another top product exec at Facebook, now running News Feed.
  16. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO who was recently on the Recode Decode podcast.
  17. Jay Parikh, Facebook’s VP of engineering and infrastructure who also works on cool tech projects at the company, like its internet beaming drone.
  18. Rob Goldman, VP of products for ads and Pages. According to his LinkedIn, Goldman is on a ton of boards.
  19. Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, VP of ads and Pages. Boz has been at Facebook more than a decade and also met Zuckerberg at Harvard. He’s still adding to his list of responsibilities. Boz also oversees Facebook’s efforts around local businesses, like food delivery and job postings.
  20. Mark Rabkin, VP of engineering for ads. Rabkin has been at Facebook for almost 10 years.
  21. Fidji Simo, another top product exec at Facebook. Simo is overseeing lots of Facebook’s video efforts, including live video, and is working with publishers on news products, too.

This photograph is not exhaustive, of course. We imagine a few of Zuckerberg’s top lieutenants may have been off doing other things on meat-cake day. A few notable faces missing from this group:

  • Elliot Schrage, VP of public policy and global communications
  • David Fischer, VP of advertising and global operations
  • Dan Rose, VP of partnerships
  • Jan Koum, WhatsApp CEO and Facebook board member
  • Hugo Barra, VP of VR (now running Oculus)
  • Justin Osofsky, VP of global operations and media partnerships
  • Ime Archibong, VP of product partnerships (and frequent Zuckerberg running companion)

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