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Introducing the Vox-ProPublica Video Fellowship

Vox and ProPublica are teaming up to create great social videos — and we’re hiring for it.

A few weeks ago, folks from the Vox and ProPublica newsrooms sat down to enjoy some pastries and to brainstorm. We have teamed up a few times, doing work we’re quite proud of. But we felt like there was an opportunity to do more.

After all, ProPublica takes on big and almost inevitably complex subjects. And Vox is expert at clearly and compellingly conveying complex things.

We left the meeting having enjoyed our cronuts. And then emails starting flying with an idea: Why not join forces to combine ProPublica’s deep-dive reporting with Vox’s first-rate and impressively popular video storytelling?

And that’s what we’re here to announce: the Vox-ProPublica Video Fellowship. It’s a year-long position for a video producer, who will be embedded in Vox’s team, producing work fueled by ProPublica’s reporting.

We figure everyone wins: Vox will get to dig into ProPublica’s investigations. ProPublica will get to learn about social video from the best in the business. And most importantly, you — our readers — will get great visual stories treated with creativity, curiosity, and care.

We couldn’t be happier to be working together. And if this sounds like the perfect job for you, here is the job description and where you should apply.

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