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Sheryl Sandberg is calling for a better safety net for moms on Mother’s Day

Tech executives share their thanks for and thoughts on the women who raised them.

Asa Mathat

Who showed you how to run a business? Who somehow miraculously did not completely lose it when you totaled your dad’s car?

Big-name techies answer: Their moms.

Sheryl Sandberg and others are sharing thanks and appreciation on social media and in the press this Mother’s Day. Sandberg, chief operating officer at Facebook, used the holiday as a way to praise her mother and mother-in-law, and to promote her support for equitable pay for women.

For Sandberg, the day is bittersweet. She became a single mother two years ago when her husband, Dave Goldberg, passed away. Following the tragedy, she said she realized single moms couldn’t necessarily “lean in” to their careers the way she recommended in her 2013 book on women’s leadership in the workplace.

She has since expanded her platform on workplace empowerment to focus more on overcoming adversity, and has a new book called “Option B” that illustrates that focus.

Others who reacted to the holiday this weekend include Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield, chief marketing officer of genomics startup Color Katie Jacobs Stanton, PricewaterhouseCoopers chairman Tim Ryan and DoorDash co-founder Tony Xu.

In her post Sunday, Sandberg said that while some workplaces accommodate mothers well, “it's time for our public policies to catch up with what our families deserve and our values demand.” Policies she’s promoting are a higher minimum wage, paid family leave and affordable child care.

She also thanked her mother, Adele, and Dave’s mother, Paula.

“This is an emotional day for so many reasons — because we thank the mothers we have and remember the mothers and the children we’ve lost. I hope we can also use this day to commit to do more for all the mothers who have given so much and deserve even more,” she wrote.

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