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An update on Uber’s participation in this year’s Code Conference

And a word about that Uber report ...

Travis Kalanick Asa Mathat
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Here’s an update on Uber’s investigation into its workplace culture: Uber’s top executives and board will see it at the very end of May. But the company won’t distribute it to its employees, and explain what its next steps will be, until sometime after that, likely the week of June 5.

When Uber executives relayed this new timing to us, we figured that meant CEO Travis Kalanick would be able to attend the Code Conference, after all.

That’s because Uber initially told us Kalanick, who had previously agreed to attend Code, couldn’t attend the event because he needed to be with his company when the report was released. Now that won’t happen until the week after Code.

Alas, no dice. No Travis. Uber now says Kalanick isn’t available to talk until after the report is released to employees and will still not be coming to Code — even though we had a whole laundry list of other things we wanted to discuss with him about Uber (from Waymo to greyballing to its IPO plans).

Alas, again: While Uber board member Arianna Huffington is willing to come to Code, she tells us she can’t discuss the review, which she has been point person on for the board, because it won’t be released to employees before she goes onstage.

That’s a reasonable position. But it means the main thing we’d want to talk to Huffington about would be off the table, and that doesn’t make any sense for anyone involved. So we’ve agreed that it doesn’t make sense for Huffington to join us.

So who is joining us at the Terranea Resort from May 30 to June 1? Well, we’ve told you about many of the speakers on the Code agenda. And it’s a pretty impressive list if we say so ourselves. (We are not immodest, over here in CodeLand.)

But don’t take our word for it: Check it out.

And we’re not done yet. We’ve got space for a few more people, and you’ll be glad we do. Stay tuned.

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