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This timeline of Trump tweets makes it hard to believe he fired Comey over Clinton emails

The timing of events doesn’t add up.

The White House is telling reporters that President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey over his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

But the timeline of events — plus his tweets — just doesn’t add up.

During the election, Trump complained on Twitter about the FBI’s pro-Clinton slant — and it ramped up when Comey closed the investigation and said Clinton shouldn’t be prosecuted.

So if he believed Comey was ill-equipped to run the FBI because of the Clinton investigation, Trump would’ve fired Comey once he took office.

Instead, he asked Comey to stay on as FBI director and finish out the more than six years left on his 10-year term.

Shortly thereafter, Trump’s critique of the FBI — at least on Twitter — took a bit of a turn.

He started complaining about the FBI leaks around an investigation into the connections between the Trump campaign and Russia, and shortly thereafter Comey confirmed to the House Intelligence Committee that there was, in fact, an ongoing investigation. Only after that was Comey fired.

In short, the timeline of events is going to make it incredibly difficult for Trump to keep claiming that Comey was fired over the Clinton investigation.

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