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Which internet TV bundle is right for you?

How to tell what you’ll get when you buy a streaming TV service.


When YouTube launched its over-the-top TV service this week, it joined a growing crowd of companies trying to sell TV over the internet. SlingTV, DirecTV Now, Fubo TV and PlayStation Vue already sell internet TV packages, and Hulu will offer its own soon.

Depending on whether you want a base package with a couple dozen broadcast and cable networks, or a premium package — which can include extras like HBO, Showtime and regional sports networks — these packages cost anywhere from $20-$80 a month. You’ll also need to pay someone else for the broadband subscription you’ll need to stream all of this stuff.

Many of the services offer a similar set of channels, but sorting through differences takes work. We’ve tried to make it easier for you: Click through the options below to see what each offers:

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