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Twitter is trying to win back developers by being more transparent

Twitter’s relationship with developers has been “complicated.”

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Twitter and developers haven’t always had a great relationship. Twitter has unexpectedly cut access to certain developers in the past, and there’s a long list of third-party features that the company has blocked over the years.

That’s why CEO Jack Dorsey publicly apologized to developers more than a year ago for a relationship he described as “complicated.”

Now Twitter is trying to smooth over that relationship again with a little more transparency: The company published a developer product “roadmap” on Thursday so potential partners can see what the company is working on and what else is coming down the pipeline.

“This is a really important step in rebuilding trust and being more transparent,” explained Andy Piper, a developer advocate at Twitter, in an interview with Recode.

This doesn’t mean that all of the products Twitter listed will come to fruition, or that the company will be specific on the timing for releasing these products, Piper added.

But the hope is that if developers can see where Twitter is going, they can prepare and head in the same direction.

On the list of products in the pipeline are more direct messaging management features — primarily so brands can better handle customer service queries — and “more powerful search capabilities.”

Twitter isn’t the only company to open up about its developer roadmap. Piper mentioned both Slack and Twilio as companies that helped inspire Twitter to be more transparent.

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