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The Outline has hired Gizmodo Media’s Katie Drummond as its first executive editor

She’s reuniting with Outline CEO Josh Topolsky

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The Outline, a startup that promises to take a novel approach to digital publishing, has a new editorial boss: Katie Drummond is leaving her job as executive managing editor at Univision’s Gizmodo Media Group to become Outline’s first executive editor.

The move reunites Drummond with Outline CEO Josh Topolsky, who worked with her at previous gigs at Bloomberg and The Verge. (Vox Media, which owns this site, also owns The Verge. It’s a small world.)

Katie Drummond

Last year, Topolsky raised $5 million to create a “publication focused on telling a story of the way the world is now.” It launched a couple a months ago, and features eye-popping graphics and design, and an experimental approach to tactics like publishing on Instagram.

The publication is too new to show up in comScore’s web traffic counter; Topolsky, via email, wouldn’t provide his own numbers but said “we're doubling and sometimes tripling month over month in every metric that’s important to us, and we’re feeling extremely bullish about the business.”

Drummond will oversee all of The Outline’s editorial operations; she praised the work the site has done so far but says it can do more. “I would like to see them break more news,” she said. “I would like to see them do more intensive, narrative features, really raise the bar at that sort of storytelling.”

Drummond’s last day at Gizmodo Media will be April 14. She’ll start at The Outline April 17.

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