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Recode Daily: Twitter is going to have an ugly Q1

Plus, Amazon brainstorms on driverless delivery, and emojis for the ages.

Attika Architekten

Wall Street thinks Twitters business is shrinking, and expects the company to report its first-ever year-over-year revenue decline when it releases earnings on Wednesday. Analysts project profits of one cent per share on revenue of $512 million for Q1, about 14 percent less than the same quarter last year. [Kurt Wagner / Recode]

Amazon has created an in-house think tank focused on driverless-trucks, forklifts and drones. The retail giant wants to overcome one of its biggest logistical complications and costs: Delivering packages quickly. Amazon also launched a hub for managing digital subscriptions, from streaming services to meal-planning kits. [The Wall Street Journal]

Netflix wants to borrow another $1 billion to pay for even more original movies and TV shows. Gearing up to hit 100 million subscribers globally this year, Netflix is in growth mode, so it’s spending a lot on exclusive content now to make even more money later. [Peter Kafka / Recode]

BuzzFeed has built a 12-person team of writers dedicated to spurring sales for partners like Amazon and other retailers. More publishers are turning to affiliate commerce to help make them less reliant on digital advertising, including Univision, which is betting on “reader-related revenue” to grow its recently acquired Gizmodo Media Group. [Jason Del Rey / Recode]

The Huffington Post is now HuffPost. AOL’s site has a new look, too, part of new Editor in Chief Lydia Polgreen’s plan to put her mark on the 12-year-old property. Next up: An editorial re-org. [Lydia Polgreen / HuffPost]

The top 10 games in Apple’s U.S. App Store have all seen a drop in sales, so developers are figuring out how to keep fickle customers playing — and paying — with in-game apps and events. Here’s a look at the biggest iOS game apps by revenue. [Rani Molla / Recode]

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This is cool


Instead of gargoyles and other ornamental foofaraw, a new building in the Netherlands has been decorated with popular emoji. The four-story brick structure features 22 face emojis cast in white concrete. [James Vincent / The Verge]

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