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Hyperloop One’s chief marketing officer has left to join a robotics startup

Kimberly Salzer started at Ozobot this month.

Kimberly Salzer

Hyperloop One, the company trying to bring Elon Musk’s idea for a tube-based, high-speed transport system to fruition, has lost its chief marketing officer, Kimberly Salzer.

Salzer left Hyperloop One in mid-March after spending a year with the company, she told Recode in an interview.

The executive has now taken a job at Ozobot as its chief marketing officer. Ozobot is a robotics company that makes small robots that can help teach kids how to code. She started last week.

“I voluntarily decided to leave,” said Salzer, who noted the scope of Hyperloop One was moving in a different direction than her background, which is in consumer technology.

Before her time at Hyperloop, Salzer worked in the video game industry, helping to build brands for Electronic Arts and Activision.

Hyperloop One is delaying the public testing of its tube transport system and reducing the size of its test track that was supposed to host the trial run of the prototype, according to a report earlier this week in the Wall Street Journal.

“It’s a moonshot idea, and I really respect it,” Salzer said about the Hyperloop One project.

Separately, Joby Otero, who formerly held a role as the chief creative officer at the robotics company Anki, is joining Ozobot as its chief product officer. He left Anki, another consumer-facing company that makes a small interactive robot, in January of 2016, Otero shared in an interview.

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