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Jimmy Fallon got through the ‘SNL’ cold open without insulting Donald Trump

The “Tonight Show” host didn’t have any lines in the skit.

Screenshot Saturday Night Live, YouTube
Screenshot, SNL, YouTube

Hosting “Saturday Night Live” without making a political statement would be challenging for most comedians, but apparently not for Jimmy Fallon.

The “Tonight Show” star managed to appear in the show’s opening skit, set in the Oval Office, without disparaging President Trump. The trick: He didn’t have any lines at all.

Fallon’s role as Jared Kushner had him standing bashfully in a blazer and bullet-proof vest (an outfit the real Kushner was derided for wearing during a trip to Iraq) while Alec Baldwin as Trump made comments about Kushner not liking to talk.

The tame skit has some saying Fallon was being soft on Trump, a critique he's heard before.

During the 2016 presidential race, Fallon infamously tousled Trump’s hair during an appearance by the then candidate on Fallon’s show. The comedian caught some flack for that and is generally perceived as taking an apolitical approach. The Washington Post pointed out he’s not alone among network comedians in handling Trump cautiously.

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