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More people use Instagram’s Stories feature than use Snapchat

Instagram says 200 million people use Stories every day.

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Instagram says that every day, 200 million people use its Stories feature — the disappearing photo and video collections the company copied from Snapchat last August. That’s up from 150 million people per day back in January.

That also means there are more people using Stories on Instagram in just nine months than there are people using Snapchat altogether, which has 158 million daily users.

Facebook shares user growth milestones pretty regularly for all of its apps, but this one stands out given the obvious tie to Snapchat. When Snapchat filed for its IPO earlier this year, its user growth started to slow down right around the same time Instagram first copied Stories, an early concern for investors who see Facebook as a serious threat.

Now Facebook has copied Stories into all of its apps, and at least one of them is taking off.

As for Snapchat’s growth? We’ll get an update on that when the company reports earnings for the first time early next month. In the meantime, Snap did a little copying of its own in honor of April Fools’ Day earlier this month and it was great.

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