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Snap will report earnings for the first time on May 10

Mark your calendars.

Snapchat Parent Snap Begins Trading On New York Stock Exchange Drew Angerer / Getty

Snap has set a date for its first-ever earnings call: Wednesday, May 10, after the public markets close.

It’ll be the first time that Snap, which just went public last month, reports earnings as a public company, and the first major update from the company since it released its IPO paperwork in February.

There have been some concerns from analysts around Snap’s growth in the early going; the company saw a slowdown in user growth in the back half of 2016, right around the time Facebook started aggressively copying its most popular features.

But soon we’ll get an update on whether or not growth picked up in the first quarter of 2017, and get a more general update on how the company’s business is performing.

It will also likely be one of the first times we’ll hear from CEO Evan Spiegel since the IPO, though it’s not known for sure that he’ll be on the call with analysts, which is common. Spiegel, who isn’t exactly conventional, did not do a big press push around the IPO the way many other CEOs have done.

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