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The major critics of the GOP’s health reform plan, in one chart

Critics and opponents include some of the most powerful health lobbies, conservative groups, and Republican lawmakers in Washington.

The American Health Care Act, Republicans’ Obamacare repeal-and-replace bill introduced Monday night, is quickly making its way through House committees.

Despite President Trump’s claim that it’s all “coming along great,” however, the bill faces much opposition from a slew of major health care lobbying groups, conservative political organizations, right-wing media, and Republican lawmakers (not to mention all the liberals who have spoken out against it).

For your handy reference, we’ve compiled a list of all the major groups critical of the bill so far, including those who have promised to vote against it. You’ll notice the list is pretty broad, and that it includes some of the most powerful lobby groups on the Hill, as well as influential conservative thinkers and right-wing media.

Some Republicans view the bill as Obamacare lite, since it keeps many of the health law’s provisions intact. Liberals hate it because it’ll likely cover fewer people and punish the poor. The bill has not yet had a cost estimate from the Congressional Budget Office — a concern of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, among other top Republicans.

A lot of things will need to happen to get this bill passed, from somehow winning over moderate Republicans to pacifying the nation’s doctors, hospitals, and retirees.

Amanda Northrop/Vox

Major health lobbies and interest groups

American Medical Association

American Hospital Association


American Nurses Association

American Academy of Family Physicians*

Federation of American Hospitals

America's Essential Hospitals

American College of Physicians

National Nurses United

National Physicians Alliance

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

American Academy of Pediatrics

American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists*

American Psychiatric Association*

Doctors for America*

Conservative groups

Heritage Action for America


The Club for Growth

Americans for Prosperity

Tea Party Patriots

Republican Study Committee*

Conservative thinkers

Michael Cannon

Peter Suderman*

Philip Klein*

Bob Laszewski

Avik Roy*

Seth Chandler*

Right-wing media


National Review*



Republican lawmakers

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito*

Sen. Susan Collins

Sen. Tom Cotton

Sen. Cory Gardner*

Sen. Lisa Murkowski*

Sen. Lindsey Graham*

Sen. Mike Lee

Sen. Rand Paul

Sen. Rob Portman*

Rep. Mo Brooks

Rep. Justin Amash

Rep. Dave Brat

Rep. Louie Gohmert

Rep. Jim Jordan

Rep. Mark Meadows

Rep. Scott Perry*

Rep. Darrel Issa

Gov. John Kasich*

Progressive organizations

Families USA

American Bridge

Center for American Progress

Our Revolution

Democratic lawmakers

Just about all of them!

*Critical of the AHCA but not explicitly opposed

Last updated 3/13 with the latest statements

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