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Recode Daily: Amazon’s brick-and-mortar bookstore strategy is a real thing

Amazon is now working on its 10th store.

Amazon Opens First Brick-And-Mortar Bookstore In Seattle Stephen Brashear / Getty

Amazon is planning to open its 10th brick-and-mortar bookstore, a shopping-center location outside of Seattle. If it wasn’t clear before, it is now: This isn’t just an experiment anymore. Amazon really likes the traction it has seen in the four stores that have opened so far and is committed to becoming a physical retailer at scale — in part because it can use the stores to sell its other devices, including the Echo and Kindle. — [Jason Del Rey / Recode]

Uber says it will stop “greyballing” local regulators by using a software tool that deceptively showed them a different view of the Uber app and prevented them from taking illegal rides. — [Johana Bhuiyan / Recode]

Donald Trump met with Tesla CEO Elon Musk yesterday, among other aides and executives, to push his $1 trillion infrastructure-spending plan. He “expressed interest in building new high-speed railroads,” according to the WSJ, which was invited to observe the meeting, “and asked for more details about the Hyperloop,” Musk’s concept for super-high-speed tube transportation. — [Michael C. Bender / Wall Street Journal]

Time Inc has lost a bidder. An investor group that included Edgar Bronfman Jr., Access Industries and former Disney exec Ynon Kreiz have pulled out of the auction they kicked off last year, when they offered the magazine publisher $18 a share. — [Jeffrey Trachtenberg / WSJ]

The Huffington Post is trying to reach Donald Trump’s America. Lydia Polgreen, who left the New York Times late last year to become HuffPost’s first non-Arianna editor in chief, said on the latest episode of Recode Media with Peter Kafka that she wants the site to help Trump supporters and opponents see how much they have in common. Listen to the new podcast on iTunes, Overcast, Google Play Music, or on our site. — [Eric Johnson / Recode]

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