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Recode Daily: Here comes Trump’s travel ban 2.0

He’s expected to issue it today.

Donald Trump Arrives In West Palm Beach For Presidents Day Weekend Joe Raedle / Getty

Donald Trump is expected to sign a new executive order today replacing his failed surprise “travel ban,” which targeted people from seven Muslim-majority countries and led to widespread protests. The new version still limits travel and temporarily bans refugees, but reportedly excludes Iraq and the extra restrictions against Syrian refugees. — [Ron Nixon and Maggie Haberman / New York Times]

Trump’s latest Twitter rampage targeted Barack Obama this past weekend, accusing the former president of wiretapping him. Trump was apparently inspired by an article on Breitbart, and spent the weekend “mad — steaming, raging mad,” as his “young presidency has existed in a perpetual state of chaos.” — [Philip Rucker, Robert Costa and Ashley Parker / Washington Post]

Uber’s app to conquer the world: The company’s efforts to evade officials who might pose problems — often city authorities in places where Uber was operating illegally — include a secret software tool called Greyball, which serves up a fake version of Uber’s app. — [Mike Isaac / New York Times]

Trump’s possible pick for the Federal Trade Commission chair might have to recuse himself in cases involving Google, Facebook or Microsoft. Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes has received more than $60,000 in contributions from tech companies. — [Tess Townsend / Recode]

Facebook has started screening fake news by attaching a “disputed” tag to some stories. It's not a quick fix: It took several days to flag a fake story from the 100 percent fake “Seattle Tribune.” — [Peter Kafka / Recode]

On the latest Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher: Amazon is enemy No. 1 for big retailers like Walmart, but they can win if they start copying what Amazon does best. Enjoy CEO and former Target SVP Ron Johnson sketched out a playbook for Walmart to avoid getting lapped by Jeff Bezos & co. He also shares what he learned from more than a decade working under Steve Jobs. Listen in iTunes or Google Play Music. — [Eric Johnson / Recode]

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Amazon plans to release new Alexa devices that can make phone calls and work as intercoms. Alexa is popular, but daily usage is key.

How Trump’s FCC is quickly working to undo network neutrality. Chairman Pai has also put the brakes on new internet privacy rules.

Uber’s VP of product and growth Ed Baker has resigned. His departure is tinged by allegations made about him to those investigating the ride-hailing company’s loose culture.

The New York Times is going to start running its reporters’ tweets inside the newspaper. Good move! But for now, it’s just the print edition.

Barack Obama conspiracy theories, brought to you by Google Home. Google’s latest “fake news” oversight sounds even worse when spoken aloud.

This is why we shouldn’t make ‘Minority Report’ computers. In this viral video, CollegeHumor lays out a pretty good case.

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