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The New York Times is going to start running its reporters’ tweets inside the newspaper

Good move! But for now, it’s just the print edition.

The New York Times To Eliminate 100 Newsroom Jobs Mario Tama / Getty
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Some of the New York Times’ best stuff doesn’t appear in the New York Times. It’s on Twitter, via posts from New York Times reporters.

Now the New York Times is doing something about that. Not by clamping down on its reporters’ tweets, but by bringing those tweets into the New York Times.

The catch: For now, at least, if you want to read New York Times reporters’ tweets in the New York Times, you won’t find them on the Times’ website or app. They’ll be in the paper’s print edition.

The Times has redesigned the second and third pages of its print edition to resemble what used to be called a magazine’s “front of the book,” back when magazines still existed.*

That means lots of little appetizery nuggets, and some of those will be things like White House reporter Maggie Haberman’s tweetstorms, NYT editor Jake Silverstein tells Nieman Lab’s Laura Hazard Owen.**

This morning, for instance, Haberman dashed off a brief three-tweeter that certainly would be useful for Times readers to consume, riffing on the latest bizzaro tweets from Donald Trump, who is president of the United States.

And, yes, at some point the Times imagines it will take the stuff that it’s importing from Twitter into the newspaper and move it online, where the rest of the world can see it.

* Take me seriously, not literally. It’s 2017.

** Who knows? Maybe there is a tweetstorm in today’s print edition! I literally can’t remember the last time I read an NYT print edition.***

*** Literally.

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