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Vevo makes its pitch to advertisers after they flee YouTube

The video site says: Advertise with us, we're safer than other stuff on YouTube.

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After big brand advertisers left YouTube because their marketing was showing up with videos promoting hate and terrorism, Vevo is making its pitch: Advertise with us, we're safe.

“I believe YouTube will take steps to address these issues. That said, we believe there is a safer way for brands to maximize their reach today, with the confidence of knowing who and what they’re aligned with,” Kevin McGurn, Vevo’s chief sales officer, wrote in a company blog post.

Vevo primarily features music videos and syndicates its content on YouTube and elsewhere, but it relies on the video giant for the bulk of its audience, which is likely why the post doesn’t take an open shot against YouTube.

Vevo’s argument for why the service is safer sounds a lot like the pitch from television networks, which told the Wall Street Journal brand safety has been a front-and-center concern for advertisers and is coming up in meetings with ad buyers.

And by highlighting everything Vevo is — premium, licensed, and professionally produced ... vetted through multiple layers of quality control to ensure the safest environment possible for advertisers” — the company’s pitch appears to highlight what most YouTube videos lack.

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