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Recode is podcasting live at SXSW with Glenn Beck, Mary Lou Jepsen and more

See you there!

Peter Kafka covers media and technology, and their intersection, at Vox. Many of his stories can be found in his Kafka on Media newsletter, and he also hosts the Recode Media podcast.

Hey there, Recode readers. Do you like podcasts?

Trick question! Podcasts are awesome. Everyone loves them.

Next question: Do you like seeing podcasts recorded live, in person?

Another trick question! Of course you’d like to do that, but you rarely get the chance.

We are here to help. Or, more precisely, we will be in Austin, and we will help you there. Recode and our pals at The Verge will be putting on a bunch of live podcasts this month, in and around South by Southwest. You’re invited.

This series of live podcast recordings is so big, and so awesome, that we can’t contain it in a single post. So here’s a down payment on the whole megillah, as they say in Texas:

On Friday, March 10, at 4 pm, I’ll be interviewing Glenn Beck for my Recode Media show. We’ve got a lot to talk about: The state of media, the state of conservative media and the state of the digital video subscription model he pioneered. And, of course, Donald Trump.

And on Saturday, March 11, at 12:30 pm, The Verge’s Lauren Goode and Recode’s Kara Swisher will interview Mary Lou Jepsen for Too Embarrassed to Ask. Jepsen is one of the most interesting people in tech, and her jam-packed resume includes One Laptop Per Child — which she co-founded — Facebook and Google. Now she’s working on OpenWater, an ambitious 3-D imaging startup.

Both of those tapings are free and open to the public, and don’t require a SXSW badge. Just show up to the Nat Geo Further Base Camp in downtown Austin — also known as the Vulcan Gas Company on 6th Street — and we’ll see you there. The only catch is that we’ve got limited seating, so ...

Good, right? But we’re just getting started: Lots more to come. Especially more Kara Swisher. Watch this space, and the internet, and we’ll see you soon.

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