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Recode Daily: Elon Musk is gonna get inside your head

Plus, the instantly beloved “Fearless Girl” statue gets to keep staring down the Financial District’s iconic bull.

Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Elon Musk launched Neuralink, a startup developing tech that implants tiny electrodes in the human brain to upload and download thoughts. The move isn't too surprising since he talked about the idea at Code Conference last year.
[Rolfe Winkler / The Wall Street Journal]

Amazon delayed the opening of its first cashier-less retail store because the technology couldn’t handle more than 20 customers in the store at a time. Insert ‘Told ya so’ from skeptical retail execs.
[Jason Del Rey / Recode]

Lyft and Uber raised their surge pricing to “unbelievable” rates after BART rapid transit was suspended between Oakland and San Francisco early Monday morning. According to posts on social media, a ride from Oakland to downtown San Francisco was estimated to cost between $60 and $110.
[Douglas Zimmerman / SFGate]

Facebook added a live location-sharing feature to its Messenger app, allowing users to share their locations continuously for up to an hour. If that sounds familiar Google announced location-sharing for Maps last week. On Messenger, users can choose to share their location with a single person or with a group.
[Casey Newton / The Verge]

Facial recognition databases used by the FBI have photos of about half of U.S. adults without consent; the algorithm is wrong nearly 15 percent of the time, and is more likely to misidentify black people.
[Olivia Solon / The Guardian]

Top stories from Recode

Trump's new antitrust nominee has said he doesn't see major problems with the AT&T-Time Warner merger.
The president nominated Makan Delrahim as his leading antitrust enforcer today.

Postmates has picked up an Obama administration alum as it eyes the policy fights to come.
The company is the latest Silicon Valley startup to get serious about policy in Washington.

Uber has resumed tests of its self-driving cars after an Arizona crash.
The company suspended its testing of all autonomous vehicles on Saturday after one of its cars got into a collision with a human-driven car.

Idaho is the second state to allow unmanned robots to deliver to your front door.
Virginia was the first. Wisconsin and Florida may be next.

Almost 800,000 U.S. drone owners have registered to fly in 15 months.
That’s a lot of drones in our skies.

This is cool

That wildly popular "Fearless Girl" statue will stay in Manhattan's Financial District (for now).
The bronze figure designed by sculptor Kristen Visbal will stay in its place across from the iconic “Charging Bull” until February 2018. The sculpture was installed in March, just before International Women’s Day, by asset management firm State Street Capital as a way of calling attention to the lack of gender diversity on corporate boards. [via Curbed New York]

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