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Uber has resumed tests of its self-driving cars after an Arizona crash

The company suspended its testing of all autonomous vehicles on Saturday after one of its cars got into a collision with a human-driven car.

An Uber self-driving model car is shown parked by a tree-lined sidewalk. Uber

Uber’s robot cars will be back on the roads in Tempe, Ariz., and Pittsburgh, Penn., later today, the company said in a statement. Uber also resumed testing in San Francisco earlier this morning.

The company suspended all testing of its self-driving vehicles after one of its cars collided with a human-driven car on Friday evening. Tempe police say that the human driver failed to yield to Uber’s autonomous car before hitting it, causing the car to flip on its side.

After conducting an investigation into the incident, the company says it feels confident in returning the cars to public roads.

While there wasn’t a passenger in the Uber vehicle, there was a safety driver. However, no one seriously injured in the crash, according to the company.

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