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Millions of Americans still play Pokémon Go every day

Popularity peaked last July, but its long tail is still going.

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City Michael Loccisano / Getty

Remember Pokémon Go? That game you downloaded last summer?

You might be surprised, or maybe even impressed, to find out that millions of Americans are still using the app every day, according to comScore’s latest mega data report.

Pokémon Go’s incredible rise last July attracted a massive number of players, peaking at 28.5 million daily unique visitors in the U.S. on July 13, 2016, per comScore — about a week after it launched. (For context, that’s about 15 percent of the number of Americans with smartphones.)

Pokemon Go chart
The rise and fall of Pokémon Go

Interest faded quickly, and probably won’t recover. But in this case, the long tail has still been pretty solid — consistently around five million daily unique visitors late last year, according to comScore’s chart.

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