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Recode Daily: The U.K. tracks a terrorist, Republicans look for health care votes

Plus, presidential monument Mount Rushmore as you’ve never seen it — or thought about it — before.

Giles Price / The New York Times

The U.K. had investigated the terrorist who killed four people in London, but wasn’t tracking him in the advance of yesterday’s attack. Prime Minister Theresa May said the killer was British-born. [Bloomberg]

The Trump White House is scrambling for votes to roll back President Barack Obama’s signature health care law today. Meanwhile, Trump told a Time interviewer that “I can’t be doing so badly, because I’m president, and you’re not.” [The New York Times]

Some of the biggest U.S. brands pulled hundreds of millions of dollars of advertising from Google and YouTube. AT&T, Verizon and Enterprise are among those bailing on Google, which has already apologized and promised to keep advertisers’ messages away from controversial videos. [Wall Street Journal]

The corporate owner of Sears and Kmart said there was “substantial doubt” that it could continue operating the iconic retail brands. Sears Holding reported a $2.2 billion loss for last year. [The Washington Post]

The gig economy celebrates working yourself to death, according to Jia Tolento’s look into life as a Lyft driver. [The New Yorker]

On the latest Recode Media with Peter Kafka, The Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn talks about his new solo album, “We All Want the Same Things,” and what it’s like to make a living making music in 2017. [Recode]

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Elon Musk doesn’t think Trump’s new NASA law will help SpaceX get to Mars.

After the president signed the bill, Musk tweeted that more money and support are necessary.

The Senate could take the first step tonight to kill the FCC’s privacy rules.

Sources say lawmakers could hold the first of two votes to kill the Obama administration’s protections.

Netflix still has a huge lead in the streaming wars, but Hulu’s smaller service has loyal users.

New data from comScore.

LinkedIn is rolling out a trending topics section.

LinkedIn pulls a Facebook.

Mossberg: The old dream of the information appliance is now real — so what’s next?

Smartphones got us there. AI will take us further.

This is cool

Why does Mount Rushmore exist?

This gargantuan shrine to democracy has never felt so surreal. [via The New York Times Sunday Magazine]

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