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Twitter took down 376,000 terrorism-related accounts in the final six months of 2016

That’s three times more than it took down by the end of 2015.

Andrew Burton / Getty Images

In the final six months of 2016, Twitter suspended more than 376,000 accounts for promoting terrorism, the company announced on Tuesday, as the social platform supercharges its effort to crack down on groups like the Islamic State.

That’s three times as many as Twitter targeted over about the same period in 2015, from the middle of the year until February 2016. Then, Twitter suspended roughly 125,000 accounts, it revealed in a blog post at the time.

In total, Twitter says it has cracked down on a total of 636,280 accounts between August 1, 2015 and December 31, 2016. The company said it would release additional updates on its efforts to combat online extremism in future reports.

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