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Recode Daily and the tweeted tale of the Trump tax anticlimax

Plus, U.S. officials are issuing indictments in Yahoo’s hacking attacks, and that viral BBC Dad speaks.


“We’ve got Trump tax returns,” Rachel Maddow tweeted on Tuesday. What she actually had: Two anticlimactic pages of a 2005 1040 form. Before Maddow’s on-air reveal, the White House undercut her scoop by announcing that Trump made more than $150 million in income in 2005, and paid $38 million in income taxes that year. [Dylan Byers / CNN]

U.S. officials are planning to issue indictments related to the 2013/2014 hacking attacks against Yahoo. The Department of Justice is accusing four people of participating in massive online security breaches that compromised hundreds of millions of user accounts. [Brian Womack / Bloomberg]

Tech companies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to improve conditions for female employees. In The Atlantic, Liza Mundy explains why not much has changed around sexism and racism — and what might actually work. [Liza Mundy / The Atlantic]

SXSW is just another place to stare at your phone, muses The Verge’s Lauren Goode after a few days in Austin. Unless you’re Kara Swisher. Last night, Recode’s executive editor was inducted into the SXSW Interactive Hall of Fame, which “recognizes pioneers in the interactive community whose career achievements have charted the course for the future of the digital industry.” [Meghann Farnsworth / Recode]

This email newsletter raised $300K from its (affluent, largely Silicon Valley–based) readers in 55 hours. (No, not this newsletter.) The Hustle, a general-interest tech and business newsletter, has grown to 300,000 subscribers in less than a year. And it’s profitable. [Laura Hazard Owen / Nieman Lab]

Top stories from Recode

The exec at the center of Alphabet’s Uber lawsuit worked for Uber earlier than we thought

Anthony Levandowski, who launched self-driving company Otto publicly in May, was consulting Uber’s self-driving arm weeks before that.

Fox Now is a nice-looking TV app. Do you need a nice-looking TV app?

It’s on Apple TV only, for now.

Apple hired respected iPhone security security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski

“Privacy is sacred,” writes Zdziarski.

eMarketer cut Snap’s 2017 revenue estimate by almost 4 percent

The research firm shaved $34 million off its January estimate.

Ticketmaster is using its software — and your data — to take on ticket-buying bots

It’s an $8 billion problem for the live events business.

Facebook’s livestreaming strategy looks a lot like Twitter’s livestreaming strategy

That means Facebook isn’t going to get a lot of must-see TV.

This is cool

You know you want to know more about BBC Dad and his bouncy kids

“She was in a hippity-hoppity mood,” said the world's newest viral star, Robert E. Kelly, about his irrepressible and suddenly internationally famous daughter, breaking his silence in his first interview since his family splashed on our screens. (via The Washington Post)

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