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Apple hired respected iPhone security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski

“Privacy is sacred,” writes Zdziarski.

Supporters Rally At Apple Stores Against Government Interference Into iPhones Bryan Thomas / Getty

Apple hired an important figure from the forensic security and mobile phone hacking community. Jonathan Zdziarski announced today that he accepted a position with Apple's security engineering and architecture team.

Zdziarski didn’t provide details about what he’ll be doing there, but he did say that his decision to take a job at the hardware giant was motivated by a passion to protect online privacy.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve accepted a position with Apple’s Security Engineering and Architecture team, and am very excited to be working with a group of like minded individuals so passionate about protecting the security and privacy of others.

This decision marks the conclusion of what I feel has been a matter of conscience for me over time. Privacy is sacred; our digital lives can reveal so much about us – our interests, our deepest thoughts, and even who we love. I am thrilled to be working with such an exceptional group of people who share a passion to protect that.

Known as NerveGas in the hacker community, Zdziarski provided technical expertise during Apple’s run-in with the FBI last year following the San Bernardino shooting when the agency wanted help breaking into a suspect’s iPhone. Zdziarski took apart aspects of the FBI’s case. In 2014, he pointed out a backdoor in iOS devices.

He is also known for his commentary on Twitter, but he appears to have disabled his account. Not surprising now that he’s working for a secretive company like Apple.

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