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Recode Daily: Appeals court will hear arguments on Trump’s travel ban today

The hearing will be livestreamed.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

A federal appeals court will hear arguments at 3 pm PT today on the Trump administration’s bid to lift a judge’s suspension of the president’s immigration ban (audio-only livestream here). Meanwhile, Trump accused the media of failing to cover terrorist attacks and labeled negative polls as “fake news.” — [Adam Liptak / New York Times]

The U.S. House passed the Email Privacy Act, which requires authorities to get a warrant to access emails or other digital communications that are at least 180 days old. Currently, only a subpoena is required. — [Dustin Volz / Reuters]

After being criticized for not doing enough to curb fake news during the U.S. presidential election, Google and Facebook are taking steps to flag false or hoax news articles in France ahead of its April presidential election. — [Sam Schechner / Wall Street Journal]

Uber is hiring 30-year NASA veteran Mark Moore to lead its flying-car project, Uber Elevate. — [Brad Stone / Bloomberg]

Sundays Super Bowl thriller drew 111.3 million viewers for Fox, tied for the fourth most-viewed TV program ever, but down slightly from last year’s 111.9 million, continuing this season’s ratings falloff. — [John Koblin / New York Times]

On the latest episode of Too Embarrassed to Ask, Recodes Kurt Wagner says potential investors in Snap’s IPO should note two things: Growth has slowed recently and the shares carry no voting rights. — [Eric Johnson / Recode]

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