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Snapchat added ‘Planet Earth’ to its list of mini shows

The BBC documentary series is coming to Snapchat on February 17.


“Planet Earth” is coming to Snapchat.

BBC and Snap announced Monday that the highly popular travel documentary will air six exclusive mini-episodes of its upcoming “Planet Earth II” series inside Snapchat’s Discover section beginning later this month.

The shows will last just four to six minutes and debut on Snapchat a day before the corresponding episode airs on TV in the U.S. They’ll run alongside ads, but Snap is not saying whether it’s splitting ad revenue with BBC or licensing the content.

Traditionally, Snap has shared revenue with publishers, but it recently started looking to license its own stuff, Recode reported in October. These kinds of media deals only made up about 14 percent of Snap’s total revenue in 2016.

Shows are still relatively new to Snapchat, but it has been a focus for the company for the past past six months. The company has also inked deals to create shows tied to actual TV shows like “The Bachelor” and “The Voice.”

Snap isn’t the only social company looking for this kind of content. Facebook is also in the market for TV-style shows, and Twitter has been streaming its own made-for-Twitter shows for a few months now.

For a documentary, “Planet Earth” is pretty popular. The original documentary series has a 9.5 out of 10 rating on IMDb with over 100,000 reviews, and the “Planet Earth II” preview trailer has more than nine million views on YouTube. The show is coming to Snapchat on Feb. 17.

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