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Trump’s speech to Congress: How to watch the livestream now

The president’s speech should begin around 9 pm ET, 6 pm PT.

President Trump Addresses Annual CPAC Event In National Harbor, Maryland Alex Wong / Getty Images

U.S. President Donald Trump will address a joint session of Congress for the first time tonight around 9 pm ET, 6 pm PT. Just a month into his presidency, Trump is expected to give a speech that highlights his view of the successes he and his administration have made so far.

This will look a lot like a State of the Union address, given that both houses of Congress — and most likely the Supreme Court — will be there, but since Trump is so new to office, this is simply a speech. Trump’s first official State of the Union address will be in 2018.

How to tune in? As expected, the major broadcast TV networks plan to carry the speech.

But there are several ways you can stream it:

The PBS NewsHour will be streaming the speech live on Twitter. Watch below.

A number of news outlets will run the speech live online, including Time and our sister site

You’ll also be able to watch it livestreamed via the White House’s website or through its Facebook page. Or, simply watch it on YouTube below.

While Trump has given a few speeches since taking office, this is truly the first time he will be able to stand in front of the entire nation and try to reframe what has widely been seen as a bumpy start to his administration.

In a recorded interview published today with “Fox and Friends,” a show that Trump has called “the most honest morning show,” the president said he would give his administration a grade A so far — but admitted that he could have done better at communicating his plans.

The White House also published talking points on Trump’s speech ahead of time, saying that “the President will communicate his vision for the future of the country directly to the American people as he moves forward with his plans to take on the many challenges facing this nation.”

Politico has a good rundown of some of the larger points Trump is hoping to make.

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