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You can now buy Snap’s video-recording sunglasses online

Spectacles aren’t available only from a vending machine anymore.

A woman wearing aqua Snap Spectacles and matching aqua lipstick and aqua nail polish

Spectacles, Snap’s video-recording sunglasses, are now available for purchase online.

Snap has been selling the glasses since November, but you could only buy them from a single New York City pop-up shop, or from vending machines that popped up somewhat randomly in places around the country.

Now Snap is closing the pop-up shop and pulling the vending machines back (at least temporarily) to sell the glasses in a more conventional way — online at

Snap’s glasses have been great marketing for the company, which is preparing to IPO early next month. The unorthodox sales method generated a lot of buzz, long lines and lots of free publicity from users scrambling to buy them.

Even so, the glasses aren’t a meaningful part of Snap’s business. The company brought in $404 million in revenue last year, but said in its IPO paperwork that Spectacles have “not generated significant revenue for us.”

The glasses will be the same price ($129.99) and come in the same colors as they did when Snap sold them out of vending machines.


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