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Podcast: why Obamacare enrollees voted for Trump

Kathy Oller signs up Debbie Mills, 53, for coverage
Kathy Oller signs up Debbie Mills, 53, for coverage
Byrd Pinkerton/Vox
Byrd Pinkerton is a senior producer and reporter on Unexplainable, Vox's science podcast. She covers everything scientists don’t yet know but are trying to figure out, so her work explores everything from the inner workings of the human body to the distant edges of the universe.

Why would people vote for a presidential candidate who campaigned on taking away their health insurance?

That’s the question Sarah Kliff and I were trying to answer when we went to Corbin, Kentucky, last winter. It’s a small city in southeastern Kentucky, an area of the country that has seen huge declines in its uninsured rate — but also voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump.

In this bonus episode of The Weeds, we’re leaving the podcast studio to bring you the voices of the people we met in Corbin.

You’ll meet two Obamacare enrollees with very different takes on the Affordable Care Act, and an ACA enrollment worker who voted for Barack Obama twice before voting for Trump last November.

In December, Sarah wrote a story about our trip. We posted transcripts of the conversations we had. But in this podcast, you’ll get the chance to hear these Kentuckians speak for themselves.

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